Beaching Tel Aviv 101

When life’s a beach, you should know where to go and where to be seen.

From the Tel Aviv port to the southernmost beach, the distance is less than five kilometers. Yet there are many different beaches along this way. Read below to be in the know about where to go and when!

Central Stay | TLV Beach

Where to go?

The Metzitzim beach, named after a famous Israeli movie from the 1970s, is the one closest to the Tel Aviv Port. It is ideal for families since it has all the amenities that make beach life with kids easier and more fun.

Next is the Religious beach, a segregated beach for the religious community.

Continuing south, next beach is booked for our beloved four-legged friends! It seems like every Tel Avivian has a dog and the dogs in this city definitely have fun.

The beach couple of steps south is decorated with rainbow colored umbrellas. Here is where you can find Tel Aviv’s unofficial gay beach, also called Hilton beach. Gay, straight, or curious, you can always join the fun, of course!

Gordon beach hosts a surfing club as well as the most popular beach volleyball courts. This is said to be a very good surfing spot.

More good-looking Tel Avivians can be spotted on Frishman beach. It is a very popular beach.

Here you can join the others and take your selfie next to the statue of Ben Gurion doing a handstand.  If you do not want your gorgeous beach bum to be all sandy, you can also chill on the new-ish big wooden chairs next to the tayelet.

Enter la plage Bograshov in August, you are likely to hear more French than Hebrew. This is a very popular spot for the mandatory selfie when the sun sets.

Central Stay | TLV Beach

Our young beach bums were mostly parked at Trumpeldor beach: a little quieter beach that has no lifeguard service.

Jerusalem beach is the one closest to the Allenby street and the Opera building, where you have some cafes and restaurants. Here you can commonly find crowds of Israeli youngsters that come here from all over the country.

Banana beach is a favorite with families. There is another popular beach restaurant here and sunbeds and shades for rent.

When you continue further south towards Jaffa, the atmosphere becomes more, say, bohemian (this one has reportedly been called the “stoners’ beach”). You can hear the sound of the matkot, the very popular game on the beach. Here you can admire kite surfers on windier days.

The drummers’ beach here also hosts a surfing club. As the name suggests – the drummers’ beach puts up a great show on Friday evenings with talented and ecstatic musicians and dancers.

Alma beach in Jaffa is also popular among families. The famous Manta Ray seafood restaurant is located here. Across the road you can find the Old Train Station, HaTahana, the outdoor shopping center.

Next to the Alma beach is another popular dog beach.Central Stay | TLV Beach

Down the stairs in the Jaffa Port, there is a more isolated beach for those in the need for some tranquility.

Ps. For those craving for some quiet beach time, there is another isolated area behind the Tel Aviv Port, with rocky sand. And hey – on another day, you can take the bus to the beach on Herzliya for some more beach adventures!

You can always find nice boutique hotel tel aviv by the beaches.



Our favorite time to go to the beach is in late spring or early autumn, when it is not boiling hot outside. August is the busiest month, with heaps of tourists in town. If you want to enter the sea in June or July (as you should!), you should keep your eyes open to not let the jellyfish sting.

The sea temperature is normally just below twenty in the winter and around thirty degrees Celsius in the summer. December can be a really nice time to go to the beach, when it is quiet on the beach and the sea is still not freezing cold.

Central Stay | TLV Beach

Otherwise, any time is beach time. On Saturdays the beach is packed, so bring your headphones if you’d like (don’t be surprised if someone wants to play DJ next to you).

There is plenty of shade set up on every beach, if you are planning to chill on the beach during the hottest hours.

When you are hungry, we suggest you take a break from working hard on your tan and go eat in the city, instead of eating in any of the beach restaurants.

If beer is your jelly, take some with you to the beach, bearing in mind that glass bottles are not allowed on the beach. L’chaim!


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Meri Frig

Meri Frig