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Shared bicycles, scooters and cars!

Scooter, Bicycle and Car services are such a useful tool both for locals and tourists alike. The green Tel-o-fun city bikes have been part of the Tel Aviv scenery for years. This summer Mobike bicycles entered that scenery, enabling the user to pick up and park the bike anywhere in the city using a friendly mobile app.

The “Bird” scooter sharing madness has just arrived from Los Angeles, CA, and is extremely popular! Nevertheless, if you need or prefer four wheels, you can grab an AutoTel car in the city. Here is what you need to know!


All of a sudden, Mobike bicycles can be seen e-ve-ry-where in the Tel Aviv city center. girl riding bike in tel avivIf you want to ride one, you need to first download their app and register with your credit/debit card details. Scan to unlock, and you are set.

The cost is NIS 3.90 for every 30 minutes. You can find the closest bike using the app. The Mobike app is global and can be used anywhere in the world, where the bicycles are available. Lookin’ good!


Bird, Lime & Wind

Since the Bird invasion began, don’t be surprised to find dozens of E-scooters just laying around in every corner of the city, just waiting to be picked up and used as easily as the Mobike, using an app.

Although, since they are electric and being used quite often, it is much more likely to find a fully or semi charged e-scooter only during daytime, while in the evenings they are being picked up for recharge.

For Bird – This is how it works: Users can download the Bird application and register as riders to start a ride. The e-scooters will be deployed and available for riders each morning in locations which will be visible in the app. Every ride will cost NIS 5 ($1.36) plus a half a shekel per minute.

Riders, who must be at least 18, will be prompted to enter their credit card, which will be used to automatically pay for the rides.

Tel-o-fun and AutoTel

The green Tel-o-fun bicycles are a common sight in Tel Aviv. public bycicles in tel aviv cityA docking station is very easy to find in the city. You can also find a closest one, or one you would prefer, on the Tel-o-Fun website.

You can buy an access card online or use your credit card at any of the stations to get your bicycle. The access fee is 17 shekels on a weekday, twenty-three on Saturdays and public holidays.

There is a small additional charge after 30 minutes of use: the usage fees are stated at the stations on the screens as well as on the Tel-o-Fun homepage.

The city of Tel Aviv also offers a car-sharing service called AutoTel. Since finding parking in the city center can take an eternity and is a real pain in the bum, AutoTel has reserved hundreds of parking spaces in the city. You can of course also park the car in any available blue-and-white parking in the city.

To pick one up, you need to register on the website with your driver’s license and credit card information and receive a smart card to unlock the vehicle. You can find a car and an available parking spot using the dynamic live map that is available on the website and on the AutoTel app.

The cost is NIS 1.7 per minute including everything (gas, parking, insurance, maintenance). You can see the full price list on the AutoTel website.

Where to go by bike?

Despite its name, Tel Aviv (translates to Spring Hill) is relatively flat. It is easy to go anywhere by bike.  If you want to plan your journey, bike lanes can be found on this address:

I recommend going for a ride on some of the green boulevards, such as Rothschild, Ben Ziyon, Chen, and Ben Gurion.

And obviously, you need to ride your bike on the beach promenade. If you have time for a slightly longer bike ride, go to Park HaYarkon. Tel Aviv is still a relatively small city and everything is within close reach.

Cycling in Tel Aviv

When bicycling in Tel Aviv, you should not be surprised to see locals on all sorts of modes of transportation, from electric bikes to electric scooters to whatnot. It is also not uncommon to see parents with one or two babies or toddlers on the bicycle.

While the cycle lanes are quite busy, there are often also pedestrians, including golden retrievers and the occasional toddler, on the wrong side of the street and traffic rules are not always strictly obeyed – pack some patience with and don’t be afraid to use the bell (if you don’t want to come across too rude, you can add a ‘toda’ when you pass…).

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