What are the 5 best hotels in tel aviv?

Today it’s possible to find more than amazing hotels around tel aviv. All you have to do is to check the ones listed in this article and you can be sure that you’ll know exactly what the best options

for your next vacation are. You’ll be able to experience that amazing city like you’ve never dreamed.

Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv

One of the most known hotels around town. It’s an hotel with a lot of reputation and any of you will be able to experience tel aviv in the best possible way if you’ll choose that option.

Therefore we would recommend not to wait with it that much, just check the different rooms of that places and you’ll understand!

Carlton Tel Aviv

Maybe the most luxury hotel in tel aviv or at least of the best. This hotel might provide you with exactly what you need in order to have one of a lifetime experience.

Therefore any of you that want nothing but the best can be sure that they should consider this option before any other.

Dan Tel Aviv

Dan Tel Aviv is an amazing hotel that the Israelis really like. It provides the guests with an amazing service while you’ll be able to find a very high quality facilities at the hotel.

Therefore it might be another excellent option.

Sheraton Tel Aviv

Want to be sure that your next vacation will be perfect? All you’ve got to do is to choose Sheraton Tel Aviv.

That hotel will make sure you’ll enjoy an amazing buffet, very good restaurant and a superb location.

Best Western Tel Aviv

If you’ll looking for an amazing suites then you can be sure that the best option for you will be best western tel aviv, it’s located exactly in the center of the city and you’ll be able to experience the

city to the fullest. Therefore it would be a smart move if you’ll start examining the different options in that hotel.

Anyway, if you’ll visit it during the winter then you can expect a much better prices.

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